The Favor Bank

The Universal Favor Bank was set up to spread the word of The Universal Favor Bank and to encourage deposits to the Universal Favor Bank without expectation of repayment. The Universe (God, the Source, the Divine, the One, the Spirit, the Creator, the Supreme Being, All-That-Is) will repay the favor with interest when the account holder needs it.


Favor Bank Stories

Encounter with a stranger in Paris by Roisin.

For the Smallest of Favors by Mary Deal.

Life’s Other Rewards by Sean Moriarty.

Capitalism With A Buddhist Twist by Jane Genova.

'Miracles' due to the Favor Bank Principle by Phil Evans.

May we all have plenty of deposits to make by Elle Smith Fagan.

Recycling Favors, a Favorbank Story by Shirl T.

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